What in the world am I?

Labels, we love them & we hate them. Some people take them very seriously while others couldn’t care less what you call them… and labels are what we’re delving into today here at The Aussie Witch. I’m going to attempt to explain the difference between witchcraft, wicca & paganism (although I’m sure someone will disagreeContinue reading “What in the world am I?”

A Witches House Rules FREE Book of Shadows Printable

As promised yesterday, a FREE printable for all you beautiful witches out there! This one can be printed on a piece of paper and put in your book of shadows. OR print it on some high end card stock, stick it in a frame and hang it on the wall close to the entrance… thatContinue reading “A Witches House Rules FREE Book of Shadows Printable”

Lugh Correspondence FREE PRINTABLE

Hey everyone! Back at it with a FREE printable today, and staying in line with the lead up to Lammas here in the southern hemisphere today’s printable is all about the God Lugh! So who is Lugh? Lugh is a popular Celtic Sun deity known as a jack of all trades. He is a smith,Continue reading “Lugh Correspondence FREE PRINTABLE”

Lammas Correspondence

Hey everyone, for todays blog post I am doing a Lammas correspondence, including a FREE BoS Page Printable! Which you will find at the bottom of this page! Lammas is the first harvest sabbat of the Wheel of the Year, and is a time to give thanks to Earth for its abundance. If you wouldContinue reading “Lammas Correspondence”

Lammas: A Brief Overview

Lammas (LAH-mas) is one of the greater sabbats that make up the pagan Wheel of the Year. It is typically celebrated on or around February 1st here in the Southern Hemisphere. Lammas is a celebration of the first harvest of the year and is all about Autumn/Fall and welcoming the coming season as we beginContinue reading “Lammas: A Brief Overview”

Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year

Todays post will be short and sweet, just a quick overview of the Wheel of the Year for the southern hemisphere. As the year progress I’m going to add links to this page which will go into heavier detail on what each Sabbat entails and means. There are two schools of thought surrounding the datesContinue reading “Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year”

Why I left Catholicism and Became a Pagan

No. This is not going to be one of those Christian bashing post. I still believe in many of the Church’s teachings (love thy neighbour, help the needy etc…) but for the number of teachings I believe in there is an equal number that I don’t. The path to Paganism wasn’t a straight line forContinue reading “Why I left Catholicism and Became a Pagan”

Southern Hemisphere 2020 Full Moon Names, Meanings & Rituals

When I look around for full moon calendars I often, if not always, stumble upon ones that use Native American terminology and meaning. I think these calendars are great and have beautiful meaning and purpose but they just don’t make sense or apply to us here in the Land Down Under. You will find moonContinue reading “Southern Hemisphere 2020 Full Moon Names, Meanings & Rituals”

Top 10 Witchy/Pagan Books for Beginners

Are you a beginner witch and want advice on which books you should start off with? When I first began my path I felt completely overwhelmed with the book choices presented to me and I honestly didn’t know where to start. Some books I bought were AMAZING… others not so much. So save yourself someContinue reading “Top 10 Witchy/Pagan Books for Beginners”

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