Lugh Correspondence FREE PRINTABLE

Hey everyone! Back at it with a FREE printable today, and staying in line with the lead up to Lammas here in the southern hemisphere today’s printable is all about the God Lugh!

So who is Lugh?

Lugh is a popular Celtic Sun deity known as a jack of all trades. He is a smith, wright, craftsman, swordsman, harpist, poet, historian, sorcerer, physician, and champion… to name a few!

He is a fierce warrior, possessing several magical weapons, including an invincible spear. It is said the spear has never missed a target and is so bloodthirsty it attempts to attack without anyone holding it.

Lugh began the harvest festival Lughnasadh as a way to honour his late mother, it is a festival that celebrates the first harvest of the year with wheat and grain motifs, dancing, games & bonfires.

Your FREE Lugh Correspondence

Blessed be and enjoy!
The Aussie Witch.

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